Along with news about appearances and reviews, this site contain more than a hundred photographs and prints of Will Cushing, his family, his colleagues, his adversaries, and the thrilling events featured in the book.


Daredevil Cushing Photo Gallery


“It’s astonishing to me that I’d never heard of such an astonishing and very American hero. Will Cushing is like a character out of fiction or the movies — charismatic trouble-maker, patriot, half-mad can-do leader of men — and Jamie Malanowski beautifully tells the ripping yarn that was his remarkable life.” ­

Kurt Andersen



“Malanowski skillfully resurrects Cushing’s courageous adventures . . . a must-read about a daring young soldier whose extraordinary achievements have earned him a place alongside America’s most celebrated naval heroes.” ­

Senator John McCain



“Malanowski has brought to life one of the great, little-known swashbucklers of the Civil War. A fun, exhilarating rush of a read, this is history told with flair and panache.” ­

Nathaniel Philbrick historian



“Malanowski’s nimble prose serves the action sequences perfectly, and gives Cushing’s battles the weight and presentation they deserve. At these points, the book no longer feels like the typical historical read, but has the page-turning excitement of a thriller. '”

­–Publishers Weekly, starred review



“A happy combination of one of the Civil War's best tales and a writer whose taut, smart prose is up to the task of writing it. In Malanowski’s hands the narrative just drives forward, carrying you wth it. . . . A superbly entertaining book. '”

­–S.C. Gwynne, historian


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“A must-have for all Levon Helm fans, a short biography focusing on the final chapter of his life and The Midnight Ramble. Jamie did a beautiful job, and put a lot of feeling into it”

Marshall Crenshaw, singer, guitarist, and musicologist


“As Levon would say about certain songwriters, Jamie is a real weaver of words.”

Sandi Helm, Levon Helm's wife


“This is an extraordinary collection, a hugely important deep-dive into the difficult waters of Civil War studies.”

Ken Burns, producer and director of documentary The Civil War


Malanowski writes a gripping account of the period after Lincoln’s election from the perspective of what people knew and felt. This provides great insights and illuminates how the messy march of history works.”

Walter Issacson


“Malanowski out-Buckleys Christopher Buckley. . . .The one-man coup is so fiendishly plausible that explaining it would give away the central pleasure of [his] fast-paced and entertaining fable. But even if The Coup didn't offer such machine-tooled plotting, it would be a delight for its punchy dialog and cheerfully sordid characters.

Kyle Smith, The Wall Street Journal


Disturbingly believable.’’

Louis Bayard, The Washington Post


At its best, the cautionary tale is so funny that it's impossible to laugh and still keep one's eyes on the page; at its worst, it's rompingly absurd. A gifted satirist's delightful broadside.

-- Publishers Weekly


Savagely funny.''

--Howard Means, Washingtonian


An Advise and Consent-Animal House combo, with a touch of Bananas.

Constance Casey, LA Times